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Learn The Secrets Of Generating 1000's of Frequent Flyer Miles Month After Month, No Matter What Airline You Fly Or If You Fly At All!!

"Just by putting to work the simple strategies in my frequent flyer report, You Can Get Up To 25,000 Free Frequent Flyer Miles in the Next 30 Days and Fly Free On Almost Any Airline You Choose!
And you can earn free flights without ever buying even ONE ticket!"

From: Michael Kohler
Re: The Frequent Flyer Guide

Dear Friend,

How would you like to know:

How to earn 1000's of frequent flyer miles... without ever flying!

How to fly for FREE in the next 30 days, anywhere in the world, with your best friend or significant other? Yes I said for FREE!

How to pick frequent flyer programs that will generate 50,000 or more flyer miles without having to purchase a thing!

Worried about losing your frequent flyer miles because you haven't used them or your airline is currently in bankruptcy? Worry no more! I will show you how you can keep them, and even double them, at NO COST with NO EFFORT at all!

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You Can Travel For FREE!

You won't believe this...

Up until a few months ago, I had absolutely no idea what frequent flyer miles were.

Sure. I knew that you used them to get free flights. I knew that a phone company offered them to me if I switched to their service. Heck, they are even offered on food products now!

But what were they really? I had no idea how to accumulate them. I had no idea what airline I would use them with. I had no idea how many I needed for a free flight or what "points" were.

Let me be clear about this: I had no clue what the heck frequent flyer miles were.

But let me tell you one thing I did know...

I Wanted To Travel!

All of my life, I have wanted to see the world. Traveling has always been on my list of things to do before I die. Sure, I have been to Mexico, Asia and a few of the neighboring states, but I wanted to eventually see the world.

My wife and I are part of a travel club, so having a place to stay is not a problem. I had heard that there were ways to fly to foreign countries for pennies on the dollar, but they had always been rumors... until now!

This Is What I Discovered!

One day, I just decided to do the research. If there was a cheaper way to fly, I was going to find it. I started researching frequent flyer miles programs. What I found was shocking! I had no idea how easy it was to generate 25,000 or 50,000  frequent flyer miles in just a few weeks!

But that's not all I found out!

After a few months of research, I had discovered amazing secrets to almost every possible way to travel the world at a dramatic discount. Sometimes for free!

So not only had I found a fool proof system that would generate 1000's of frequent flyer miles week after week, but I had discovered ways that I could travel around the world, every month, for just a fraction of what everyone else pays!

I Had To Write It Down!

I decided to organize my new found knowledge into one giant file. There was just too much information. It had to be organized if I was ever going to put my plans to travel the world into action.

As I put this massive amount of information together, I question ran through my mind: Why had never found this information offered by anyone before?

Sure, I had found bits and pieces of it scattered across the Internet, some of it located on free websites, and some in ebooks that I had purchased.

But the entire picture, the fool proof frequent flyer mile generating system, and all of the ways to travel to world for massive discounts, or for free, was not available.

I knew there had to be people like me, scouring the Internet, looking for the same information that I was. So I decided to put all of the information that I had learned in one place in ebook form, organized so that the beginner, or the expert, could benefit from the knowledge I had struggled months and months to learn.

The Frequent Flyer Guide is Born!

The result of my research is what I call "The Frequent Flyer Guide". However, it is much more than a guide to generating unlimited frequent flyer miles. It is also a complete guide to all forms of discount travel.

Let me show you!

The Ultimate Frequent Flyer Mile
Generating System!

Whether you are a seasoned frequent flyer, or a novice looking for your first free plane ride, The Frequent Flyer Guide is for you!

Are you confused about frequent flyer miles? No clue what they are? Are you a frequent flyer mile expert, the proud owner of hundreds of thousands of them, just waiting to be used?

Whatever your experience with frequent flyer miles, the information in The Frequent Flyer Guide will educate the ignorant and put master frequent flyers into warp overdrive!

The Frequent Flyer Guide will teach you every aspect of the frequent flyer world and submerge you effortlessly into their community. You will never believe that it was so comprehensive... but so easy to understand.

In The Frequent Flyer Guide, you will learn...

Understand the basics about frequent flyer programs and how you can generate a free flight effortlessly, even if you have never tried before!

How to access the latest news and analysis of all frequent flyer programs at no cost to you!

Where to find sweepstakes and freebie offers from companies wanting to throw frequent flyer miles at you like darts at a a dartboard!

The quickest and easiest way to determine which frequent flyer miles program is best for you, even if you have joined several!

How to find the most up to date offers from companies that will give you 1000's of frequent flyer miles just for trying their services!

Who the top three most important websites on the Internet are for anyone who is serious about generating 1000's of frequent flyer miles each and every week non-stop. Did I mention that these websites were FREE?!

How to gain full access to full reviews of all of the frequent flyer programs, including the award winners, so that you can improve your current frequent flyer programs by 300%!

How to locate the absolute best automated frequent flyer management system on the Internet that will help you generate 1000's of extra flyer miles without you having to think!

Read the #1 online publication on frequent flyer miles at a 75% savings. That includes full email support and access to all back issues!

Are you new to frequent flyer miles? I will walk you through the process of joining ANY frequent flyer program, complete with graphical aids! Anyone can do it!

and much much more!

And that is just the beginning! After the first 25 pages of the ebook, you will be well on your way to becoming a frequent flyer guru!

But there is more. Much more!

Start Earning Flyer Miles by the Thousands...
...Without Even Thinking!

This manual is designed for experts and novices alike.

Are you a beginner? Don't worry! Once you have learned the basics and have signed up for your favorite frequent flyer program, I don't leave you hanging!

You will learn how to operate like the "big boys". Okay, like the "big girls" too! You will  learn tricks and tips that would usually take months or years to learn in just a few days, cutting your learning curve by 90%!

The Frequent Flyer Guide will teach you...

Why some people buy and sell their frequent flyer miles and how this can help you generate 1000's of extra miles with no effort at all!

Did you know credit cards are your best friend? I will show you one technique that will put almost 50,000 frequent flyer miles in your pocket in less than 30 days! Yes it's legal!  

How to double, and even triple your frequent flyer miles by doing one simple thing!

Do you eat food? Shop at the grocery store? Ever buying something online? Now all of these purchases can help you DOUBLE your frequent flyer miles. You just need to know where to go!

Want to generate 100,000 frequent flyer miles at one time? I'll show you how you can do this and how the airlines are promoting this simple system year after year!

Did you know that there is a credit card that will generate frequent flyer miles for virtually ANY airline? I'll show you how to get this credit card, and waive the annual fee!

I will show you a little known system that is guaranteed to generate a minimum of 1 free airline ticket a year and it won't cost you a dime!

Do you have an email account? I'll show you how to generate massive amounts of frequent flyer miles every time you get email!

Ever take an online survey? Print an online coupon? Visit a website? I'll show you how these activities, and many more, will easily generate a free ticket for you  in a short amount of time!

And much much more!

Am I done? Had enough yet?

Well I'm not done! I found out a lot more information. But here is the "bottom line" about this manual...

Here is the "Bottom Line"


The Frequent Flyer Guide is designed to help all people who are trying to achieve the dream of flying at discounted rates, or even flying for free.

This is what you will get in The Frequent Flyer Guide:

Fool proof strategies that will  help you generate 1000's of frequent flyer miles each and every month!

Powerful techniques that will help you double, or even triple, your frequent flyer miles or points!

Little known resources that will allow you to fly around the world at an 85% discount, and sometimes for FREE!

Inside tips that will allow you to vacation literally for FREE anywhere in the world!

And much much more!

Are you unsure of the value of this product. Let me tell you this!

Just One Tip From The Frequent Flyer Manual
Is Literally Worth
17 Times Its Purchase Price!

By following a frequent flyer strategy located on page 69 of The Frequent Flyer Guide, you will be able to earn a free round trip plane ticket, anywhere in the United States, with a value of about $800, in less than 60 days!

By following the link to a particular website on page 96 of The Frequent Flyer Guide, you will be able to save at least 50% on your next flight, anywhere in the world!

With just these two strategies alone, you will have placed over a thousand dollars of purchasing power back in your checking account!

By the way, there are many more strategies throughout The Frequent Flyer Guide that will save you thousands and thousands of dollars in travel cost each and every year!

However, if you are still not satisfied by the outrageous benefits that have been presented, I am going to throw in some super bonuses to make this frequent flyer ebook into an irresistible package!

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Originally a separate product, the Frequent Flyer Jump Start manual sold for $47, but is yours FREE when you order this package.

This manual is a no fluff, 10 step manual that will put 25,000 frequent flyer miles in your account in just a few weeks!

Bonus #2 - Subscription to my "Frequent Flyer ETips" Ezine - $99/year Value!

Every month, I will send you the latest information on how you can generate 1000's of extra frequent flyer miles, fly and travel at incredible discounts, and get inside scoops on the best travel packages on the net!

Bonus #3 - One Full Year Of Email Support - $500 value!

Anytime you have a question, I'll be here to answer it! I originally researched all of this material so I could fly for free. Now I want you to do the same! Anytime you need help, you will have my personal email. Just email me, and I'll respond with an answer to help you!

Bonus #4- One Full Year Of "Pro Updates" - $99 value!

Every few months or so, the rules will change in the frequent flyer game. Every 6 months, I will update "The Frequent Flyer Guide" to keep you updated on the latest changes in the ever shifting world of travel. I'll send you an email with the latest edition so you won't have to pay for the next edition!

I'm thinking about removing this bonus because of all of the work updating takes, but if you act today, you will be locked in for one full year of "Pro Updates"!

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You Can't Lose With My 100%, No Risk
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Thanks to "The Frequent Flyer Guide" with all it’s various strategies, we have learned how to pick frequent flyer programs that work for us and are quickly generating flyer miles. We also learned how to keep the ones we have so they don’t expire and with very little effort on our part. This informative system gives people simple, yet powerful, well written instructions for developing different techniques for racking up the frequent flyer miles and other forms of travel with ease. We are much wiser and happier for having read this material. We get to travel more now than before just for the fun of going to places we’ve never been. You can’t beat that! We're having a blast! Crystal and Jake T. AZ

I travel quite a bit for my own business which I can write-off on my taxes each year however since I have so many write-offs it doesn’t really help at tax time and the money is still coming out of my pocket each time I travel anywhere. I needed this huge break. Your guide has got me even more excited about flying than I ever was before. You made the whole process very easy. Next for me is a cruise coming up at a huge discount just for the fun of it. Thanks for that! I’ve never been on a long cruise before. I can’t wait and I am so looking forward to it. I NEED IT! Kevin Roscoe

I liked the money-back guarantee and thought, I’ve got nothing to lose, why not? I'm so glad I did. It would have taken me forever to find all this information on my own. Actually I don't think I ever could have. You have everything needed here packed into this one eBook. Your step-by-step instructions were simply to understand, straightforward and efficient. It’s so great to obtain these miles without even flying or spending on my part. I had no idea of many of these places for obtaining miles before. I hope I can do this kind of traveling for years to come. What a priceless resource! CJ WI


To Your Frequent Flyer Success,

Michael Kohler

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My advice to you if you are still on the fence is this: you'll never know what you're missing unless you get this ebook!

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